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To pay for the City of Sierra Madre's police, fire, roads, water, sewers, parks, library and everything else, the City of Sierra Madre needs revenue. It's not free. Unfortunately, the City of Sierra Madre Ranked 460th out of 481 municipalities in PER CAPITA SALES TAX REVENUE in the State. The City of Sierra Madre is sales tax poor. That's why the City of Sierra Madre relies on its UUT much more than other communities.

That's why you need to Vote NO on Measure D.

In 2016, respected leaders in Sierra Madre, organizations throughout the community, and 72% of Sierra Madre voters approved the current UUT rates, which cannot increase without a vote of the people.

The proposed UUT Repeal, if approved, will undo this vote by taking away 24% ($2.6M) of the entire General Fund of the City. This drastic and extreme cut would result in the inevitable dismantling of the City as we know it, including the following possibilities:

  • REDUCTION or ELIMINATION of our Fire Department and Paramedic Services, resulting in SLOWER RESPONSE for victims of heart attacks, strokes, car accidents, fires, or other emergencies;
  • REDUCTION of our Police Force by more than 60% and elimination of 6 officers, risking our public safety;
  • ELIMINATION of community events and services, such as the Mt. Wilson Trail Race, 4th of July Parade, Wistaria Festival, Concerts & Movies in the Park, and senior activities;
  • REDUCTION of library services with only 1-2 days of service; and
  • REDUCTION in general fund dollars dedicated to fixing potholes, sidewalks, streets, and other infrastructure.

Who supports this misguided and poorly written initiative on our ballot? An out-of-town political extremist group that failed to pass this same measure on the ballot in several cities is now targeting Sierra Madre. These outsiders do not care about our City's needs or how Measure D will hurt our neighborhoods, quality of life, and property values.

As Sierra Madre residents, we enjoy living in a safe, quiet city, and we will not compromise this great community because of outside political and ideological agendas.

Please vote NO on Measure D.


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